Mr. Villa ´s festive cookies - Vanilla Crescents:

Our Vanilla Crescents won a Great Taste star !

These attractive and perfectly well made biscuits with a delightful lightness of touch and vanilla flavours perfectly go with a coffee or tea.  Well dusted with icing sugar, wonderfully light and crumbly without being too brittle and drying. Katerina and Davide Villa, owners of Pekarstvi Villa, say customers have told them "your biscuits are the best we have ever eaten".

Our judges wrote they "LOVE these individual biscuits and imagine them to go perfectly with a coffee or tea".


For wholesale enquiries and your orders please contact: Katerina Villa, e-mail: pekarstvivilla@seznam.cz

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Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for speciality food and drink. It has been described as the 'Oscars' of the food world and the 'epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize'. Quite simply the Great Taste logo is the sign you can trust when buying food and drink in your local, quality retailer. In short: Restaurants have Michelin stars, food producers have Great Taste Stars.