Welcome to the website of our artisan BAKERY VILLA. Our bakery is renowned for its delicious sweets, breads, freshly baked pastries, seasonal pies and of course our world famous festive biscuits - all handmade to perfection and simply bursting with seasonal flavour. In our own factory we bake exclusively from high quality and honest ingredients - butter, eggs, milk, cream, brown sugar without the use of artificial additives. We bake in a style of "a lot of filling, little dough" and all the fillings we prepare ourselves. We do not use any supplements or semifinished products. In the case of fruit pies we use genuine, Czech and seasonal fruit which we processe ourselves again in the style of "a lot of filling, little dough", for example in our fruit cakes we put on them big chunks of fruit: half apricot / plum /, strawberries, etc.  Our specialty are baking delicacies "all' Italiana": olive baguettes, tomato baguettes with basil, rosemary garlands with olives, chocolate bread and other delicacies of our own production. But we also can make the Czech "classics": buttery roll, absolutely rye bread, wholemeal bread, wheat-rye bread, wholemeal bagels and rolls with linseed and sunflower and others. From sweet pastries we are proud of our festive biscuits such as Vanilla Crescents, Villandia Cookies and Nutty Cupcakes. Among our favorite season production of fruit pies are apricot and plum ones and strawberry dessert with cream cheese and dark chocolate. Year-round we produce Linz poppy, apple slices and creamy cakes filled with cheese, poppy seed, jam and chocolate. The holidays are mainly focused on custom manufacturing of Christmas cookies, Easter baking and pastry gift. Gift boxes and packages we make to order for our clients. Year round we also bake for special occasions (weddings, banquets and celebrations). Among our favorites in this category are butter cream wedding cakes sweetened with cane sugar with fillings of cheese, jam, poppy and on request also apple or walnut.

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